As a Science Fiction, Future Technology, and Army Tech author, I often get asked about the future of war. Interestingly, our near future is not difficult to forecast 5-10 decades out, but the further away you get the harder it is. Fortunately, my batting average in the forecast is rather robust, relatively speaking contrary to other self-proclaimed futurist types. Recently, I was interviewed on the topic and I believe my answer may be enlightening, showing and upbeat, therefore, let’s explore this for a minute, shall we?

Science Fiction

Interviewer Mr Casillas asks; “how can you think wars will soon develop in the future?”

There’s a very great chance that people won’t have wars later on, and until you call that statement na├»ve, I’d like to point out everything I see is a progress towards abundance, peace, wealth and ascendance to a greater state of cognition with humanity completely actualized. I see future virtual reality allowing the individual to create decisions far beyond what’s possible now under our current way of life.

No, their predictions are not perfect and yes, humankind will drop down and get back up a few more days before we get there, and yes, it will cost us twice as much across the way, and also accept us 3-times as long to get there, but that is where we are headed. Give it another couple hundred decades, and there will not be any more wars.

Wise bombs are much better compared to ‘drop them and forget about it’ bombs of yesteryear.

My predictions on future wars, you ask? Well, let me take a stab at it based on my research. One challenge we’ll find in the long run is autonomous systems moving out and killing entire human lifetimes, then we will see an international agreement to prohibit it as human populations will demand that. Then we may see robots battling robots, with the loser giving into the argument that started the political impasse.

Then we’ll observe nations agreeing to arbitrate by way of virtual war gambling, multi-player VR (virtual reality) video games. No one actually dies, but heroes (greatest players of this sport) are rewarded with their civilizations using accolades.

Humankind will gradually learn that “diversity is to be distinguished” (not forced) and without any lack in the world because of advancing technologies, there’ll be few things to struggle over, and wars will probably seem like such a dumb thing that people used to do. And, whereas, we people, even us+ types appear to be territorial, we will overcome this with our enhanced intellect and knowledge, linking as one at a common cause; to reside or lives to the fullest and also discuss our jobs with one another. And like I mentioned, I am coming at this from a religious awakening, I am not into this stuff, it’s just where I see this going, from everything I research, read and research, it is the inescapable future – and – actually for our sake, the sooner the better.

Personally, although weapon systems engineering is a place I love to believe, and it’s highly rewarded at the current time, I doubt prospective human beings or our enhanced selves will devote a great deal of time considering it. You see, there’s an entirely new world out there, even if we dare to accept it. I would like you to think about it, and for today; Don’t Hesitate – Be Great!